Membership Opportunities

Membership Options when Purchasing Real Estate at Reunion

Your membership options for your new property at Reunion are based solely on the membership status of the Seller of your property at the time of closing.

A property with a current membership provides you the most advantageous membership opportunities at closing. The Club can then reissue the Membership to you, as the buyer of the property, with either a waiver of the required Membership Deposit or the purchase of a membership without additional Membership Activation fees.

Opportunities for membership still exist for properties without a current membership through our limited Club and Community Revitalization Program. Click here for more information on this program.

The only way to verify the current status of membership on any property you may be interested in is to contact Ashleigh Cervellera, Membership Sales Manager, at 407-396-3191 or click here to send an email.

Please Note: Do not rely on real estate listings, as membership status may have changed since the original listing was prepared.

Current Reunion Property Owners without Membership

The new Club and Community Revitalization Program is a limited time program inviting existing and potential property owners who do not have a membership associated with their real estate, to become part of our Reunion membership family. These are permanent memberships, providing benefits to you and subsequent purchasers of your property.

Click here for more information on this opportunity.

Membership for Those Who Do Not Own Property In Reunion

We do offer a recallable Membership for those who do not own property in Reunion, the Legends Membership.
This Membership requires a $5,000 refundable deposit or $7,500 non-refundable initiation, is only available in the Golf Membership category, and requires a commitment to remain a Member for at least 12 months. You are required to maintain the membership through the end of the calendar year, and Reunion cannot recall it for a period of three years.

Contact Ashleigh Cervellera, Membership Sales Manager, 407-396-3191 or click here to email for more information.

Do you own or plan on renting a Reunion Rental Property?

Reunion Resort and Club boasts an incredible array of first-class amenities, including Signature Golf Courses by Nicklaus, Watson and Palmer, an award-winning tennis complex, fitness center and the Reunion Water Park.

All of these amenities are available only to members and their guests or long term tenants, as well as Resort guests. No membership attached to your property means “no access” to these amenities for you or your guests and tenants.

While members always have complete access to the Resort and Club amenities, their guests may ONLY gain access through the Reunion Houseguest Program. Contact our Membership Office at 407-396-3050 to learn more about this policy.

Reunion has a Rental Management Program to represent our members’ rental portfolios. They provide complete property management services and allow full access to all Resort and Club amenities for those who book directly with Reunion Resort. An underlying membership is required to enter the program; however, properties in the Reunion Rental Program pay reduced monthly Club Membership dues while enjoying full membership benefits.

Contact the Reunion Rental Management team at 407-662-1050 for more information.


Other management companies represent and rent Reunion properties to guests on behalf of owners. Some, but not all, have memberships attached to their properties, which is required in order to have Houseguest Privileges. If you want to have ANY access to Reunion Club amenities during your stay, please check with the management company you have rented through to inquire about access through the Houseguest Program, or rent directly through Reunion Resort for unlimited access.

Please Note: individual owners may limit the number of days during your stay that you have access to the Reunion Club amenities.