Our Team

Bev Kelber, Director of Membership

Bev has been a Membership Director for 20 years; her experience originated in the private Club sector. As a graduate of the School of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida, Bev began in the marketing field and then transitioned into managed healthcare before finding her niche in Membership. Bev strives to provide Reunion Members with a lifestyle and experience that is enjoyable and memorable.

Bev can be reached at bkelber@reunionresort.com

Stephanie Wolliston, Member Relations Representative

Stephanie is the Member Relations Representative for the Reunion Membership Team. Stephanie was born and still lives in Kissimmee. Prior to joining Reunion, Stephanie was a Wardrobe Consultant and Tuxedo Representative at The Men’s Wearhouse. Stephanie previously served as the Membership Receptionist/Concierge and also worked as the Houseguest Coordinator/Concierge. Stephanie’s primary responsibility now involves Member Communications, including the Member website, weekly Out and About emails, the monthly Gatherings newsletter and the Clubhouse monitor, in addition to other duties. 

Stephanie can be reached at swolliston@reunionresort.com


Brittney Stubbs, Houseguest Coordinator/Concierge

Brittney serves as the Membership Houseguest Coordinator/Concierge. Brittney’s main role is to assist Members and guests in obtaining Houseguest cards, as well as aiding

Members with day-to-day inquiries and helping to plan and execute Member events. Brittney started in hospitality at One Ocean Resort in Atlantic Beach, Florida, as a housekeeper.  She quickly moved up and became a part of the docent team, which taught her a great deal about daily hotel operations. Upon moving to Orlando, Brittney took a job at Disney in Monorail Operations. Besides hospitality and driving the monorail, some of Brittney’s passions include cooking, music and her family. Brittney is from Tampa, Florida. 

Brittney can be reached at bstubbs@reunionresort.com


Juana Velez, Member Concierge

Juana began her employment as the Reunion Resort Membership Receptionist/Concierge in August 2016. Juana was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Buffalo, New York. She began her hospitality career in 2001 and has been in the field for over 15 years.  Juana offers a welcoming smile as she provides Members with general information, assistance with event registration and Member concierge services. 

Juana can be reached at jvelez@reunionresort.com